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Our Process

The Egg Donor Select process is designed to be seamless for recipients and donors alike. Once a recipient has chosen a donor, Egg Donor Select will confirm her availability for the cycle. Because we contact our donors at least once every two months to receive updates on their donor status, contact changes and upcoming commitments, we have a solid understanding of the match, which reduces the potential for disappointment that may result after finally making a decision on an ideal donor only to find out your chosen donor is not available for your cycle.

Once confirmation of the match is made, the first step is to review the contracts and associated paperwork and, once comfortable, return with the first of two payment installments. The donor will be signing and returning her contract upon which time the match is official, and the cycle is ready to start.

The psychological evaluation (and any other specific clinic required evaluations) will be scheduled. Upon completion, the donor will be scheduled for her initial medical evaluation and baseline screenings. Upon acceptance of the results by the clinic, the donor will receive her calendar, which will provide an outline of her medical appointment dates and medication protocols. She will be thoroughly trained on the injection process and timing of medications.

Throughout the cycle, Egg Donor Select will be in constant contact with the recipient, donor and clinic(s) to ensure that the egg donation cycle proceeds flawlessly. Donors are aware that, throughout the cycle, they are “on call,” meaning that your donor is required to return phone calls within the same day or no later than the following morning.

Egg Donor Select will keep recipients updated as the cycle progresses as to how the donor is feeling, her follicular development and all other cycle-related information. Recipients and donors are able to communicate through your Egg Donor Select cycle coordinator at any time throughout the cycle.

Many prayers will be made for a successful retrieval and transfer – and, of course, throughout the “black hole” waiting period leading to what we all hope is a truly joyous outcome. We LOVE birth announcements!