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Find the Donor Right for You

Egg Donor Select strives to provide a well-screened and highly selective group of donor candidates, representing a variety of ethnicities and other criteria important to prospective parents. Led by professionals with more than 20 years experience in the infertility industry, we understand that excellent communication and follow through are paramount in supporting the clinical staff, resulting in a seamless and gratifying egg donation experience.

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Egg Donor Select Fee Philosophy:

Our company exists to serve our recipients. Your seamless cycle coordination is our responsibility. If an Egg Donor Select donor fails to meet the cycle requirements (passing her psychological evaluation or medical evaluation), it is our belief that we have not earned our fee.

Our sincere desire is to keep costs as low as possible understanding the financial burden recipients undertake throughout treatment for infertility. Although donor compensation will vary slightly among metropolitan markets and previous donor experience, the Egg Donor Select cycle will cost between $10,000 and $24,000, which will include:

  • Egg Donor Select Administrative Fee
  • Donor Compensation
  • Donor Psychological Evaluation (first-time donors only)
  • Donor Insurance
  • Donor’s Estimated Cycle Expenses (e.g. parking, copays)

Remote Cycle Expenses

Egg Donor Select does not charge an additional facilitation fee for remote cycles (donor is not local to the recipient’s clinic); however, additional costs for travel-related expenses and outside monitoring / lab fees will be incurred. Egg Donor Select will provide a good faith estimate of the anticipated remote costs upon request.


Payments may be divided into two installments -- the first with the return of contracts and associated cycle paperwork. The final payment is processed once the donor initiates the injectable medications.