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An Opportunity to Give Starts Here

Being an egg donor may be one of the most rewarding experiences of your lifetime. Can you imagine wanting to start a family only to be faced with disappointment? Egg donation is a wonderful opportunity for one woman to help another and turn that disappointment into joy – the joy of experiencing what most couples dream of… the dream of becoming parents.

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As a Donor...

You will be financially compensated for your time and commitment following the completion of the egg retrieval. You will receive compensation regardless of egg maturation or number of eggs retrieved.

With evolving technology, more egg donors are being matched than ever before, bringing new cycle opportunities that didn’t exist just a few years ago. We will present every match opportunity for you to consider.

Some egg donation cycles may include travel for the last week of the cycle. All remote travel, in which the recipient’s clinic is a significant distance from the donor’s general metropolitan area will be arranged and prepaid via Egg Donor Select. Your trip also would include airfare and lodging for a guest to travel with you.

Egg donation compensation varies per donor cycle and is based on experience, type of egg donation cycle and market location. Egg donation compensation does not vary based on ethnicity, appearance, education level, or other personal characteristics.

In rare instances an egg donation cycle is cancelled prior to retrieval. Should your cycle be cancelled by the recipients or physician prior to retrieval but following the initiation of injectable medications, you will receive a pro-rated amount of the donor compensation for your time and commitment.

Upon donor acceptance, an Egg Donor Select representative will contact you to discuss various opportunities and compensation levels.

Donor Referral Program

Egg Donor Select will gladly show appreciation to our donor candidates with $100 referral bonus for any friend or family member who participates in an egg donation cycle following the completion of the cycle.