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Working Together for a Seamless Cycle Experience

Thank you for visiting Egg Donor Select. We invite our friends in the infertility field to add your clinic information to our website. We will follow up with a clinic questionnaire so that we may learn the specific requirements relating to your clinic’s egg donation cycle process. Our goal at Egg Donor Select is to eliminate patient confusion and anxiety surrounding the egg donation process while reducing your workload by adapting to your clinic’s individual needs.

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Because patient service is first and foremost to our mission, Egg Donor Select® has a special relationship with a select group of ART centers that excel in the areas of egg donation and overall patient care.

As you know, egg donation is one of the most labor-intensive facets in the infertility treatment spectrum. The amount of time and effort required to continually recruit donor candidates, properly screen and educate them, collect their profile data and then manage the cycle once a match is made with a recipient couple is overwhelming.

We know that many, if not most, ART centers have their own donor programs. We understand the most prevalent reasons for this are trust, maintaining control, reducing costs, and providing the level of service to which your patients have become accustomed.

Egg donor agencies that try to serve all ART centers and their recipients equally are doomed to fall short of expectations. In order to provide an unsurpassed level of patient care, an established and trusting relationship is critical.

For this reason, Egg Donor Select® will only align itself with one infertility clinic in any given metropolitan market. We recognize that many metropolitan markets have more than one excellent center providing infertility care; however, we also understand that it is nearly impossible to serve multiple ART centers equally, adequately, let alone exceptionally.

As a result of this special relationship, member clinics realize many benefits, including but not limited to:

  • An exclusive relationship within your metropolitan market
  • A reduced administrative fee for your patients of approximately $1000 as compared to egg donor agencies
  • Referrals of patients seeking an infertility physician within your metropolitan area for an egg donation cycle
  • Clinic web access to patient status throughout egg donation process
  • A website bulletin board on which Egg Donor Select® will advertise for donor candidates from your practice meeting their specific needs and requests
  • Automatic alerts to new donor candidate profiles meeting priority requirements requested by your donors
  • A complete money-back guarantee for your patients on any donor candidate who has not initiated down-regulations meds (Lupron, et. al.)