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Working Together for a Seamless Cycle Experience

Thank you for visiting Egg Donor Select. We invite our friends in the infertility field to add your clinic information to our website. We will follow up with a clinic questionnaire so that we may learn the specific requirements relating to your clinic’s egg donation cycle process. Our goal at Egg Donor Select is to eliminate patient confusion and anxiety surrounding the egg donation process while reducing your workload by adapting to your clinic’s individual needs.

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Working with EDS

Egg Donor Select® is a national donor network designed to provide the high standard of care of an internal program with the dedicated service and higher volume of qualified donors of an external program. Our team understands the importance of establishing a strong relationship with your center’s staff in order to best serve your patients.

From experience, we have found that the best way to provide an ART center with the highest level of service and care is to establish a relationship with only one center in a geographical area. Because every ART center has a unique patient base, Egg Donor Select® seeks donor candidates who will meet your clinic’s and your patients’ specific criteria.

As Egg Donor Select® is accountable to patients undergoing an egg donation cycle, we seek to work with centers that have better than average success rates with regard to egg donation cycles, those that have developed positive reputations within the medical community, and those that consistently receive positive feedback from patients as they are the ultimate “judges” of the quality of care provided to them.

Your center’s donor coordinator will be able to access the donor candidate database from your location to introduce them to Egg Donor Select® as an extension of your care. Or, you can schedule an appointment with your local Egg Donor Select® case manager through our appointment scheduler, which will allow you and your patients to choose the day and time that best fits your schedule.

We welcome the opportunity to discuss establishing a partnership with your center. Please complete a member clinic application or contact us to discuss further.