Selection Process

Selecting Your Ideal Donor

AKA, “Now what?”  Egg Donor Select categorizes donors to help customize your cycle to meet your individual needs.

First-time Donors:  Donors who have not cycled before with the exception of “hundred percenters” or other “hard-to-find donors,” e.g. Japanese, Chinese, Indian, Jewish, or Korean.  These first-time donors are in the Repeat Donor category.  We collect AMH and AFC numbers to ensure first-time donors meet your clinic’s requirements.

Repeat Donors:     With the exception of the first-time “hard-to-find” donors, this category of donors has cycled at least once with a mature egg retrieval count of up to 20.  Their previous cycle(s) may or may not have resulted in pregnancy (or we may not have outcome data yet).

Select Donors:    Donors who have cycled at least once with more than 20 mature eggs retrieved and at least one positive pregnancy outcome. Select donors may be shared with the recipient clinic’s egg bank or with another recipient at the same clinic.

And… Frozen Eggs:  Not an option for every clinic, but these eggs are frozen and available through one of our partner clinics.   If not available to be used at a recipient’s clinic, sperm can be shipped to the clinic where the eggs are frozen, and embryos can be created to be shipped to the recipient’s clinic.  

When deciding among donors, it’s best to consider your desires with regard to physical and non-physical traits, and possibly the number of children you would like to have.   Although the goal of any cycle is one healthy child, recipients working with surrogates or deciding to pursue embryo testing may wish to have the “peace of mind” associated with the potential of a higher number of mature eggs.

Here are some general numbers for consideration…

  • Average number of eggs retrieved across all donor types is about 15 – 18 … Asian donors tend to average a bit lower
  • Average number of mature eggs retrieved is about 12 – 15
  • Generally accepted that it takes approximately 6 mature eggs to "create" a baby (most national egg banks sell “lots” of 5 – 7 eggs)

Selecting Your Donor Candidates….

Unless you know exactly which donor category you are looking for, we recommend that you select donors who stand out to you regardless of category. Once you have your favorites identified, we recommend that you provide us with the correlating donor numbers so that we may confirm availability and provide you with relevant screening and / or previous outcome cycle information. If there is anything important to you not showing on the donor’s profile, please let us know.  We would be happy to reach out to donors to obtain information important to your decision-making process.

For pricing, please inquire to


EDS Position on Known Donors….

Oftentimes we are asked to check with a donor candidate about her willingness to be a “known” donor either by direct communication with the recipient family or by joining a donor registry program.  

We have put great thought into this request and have taken the following position…. EDS is not against “known” donor relationships; however, we cannot guarantee that a donor will agree nor will we establish this type of relationship at the inception of the cycle as part of the written contract.   We are happy to communicate the recipients’ desire to have a relationship beyond the intended semi-anonymous relationship, but EDS requires the donor to wait until a baby is born from her cycle before making her final decision.

Once the baby is born, EDS will provide the recipients’ contact information or their preferred registry program information to the donor.  It will be up to the donor to follow through / respond to the recipients’ request.

The reason we have taken this position is two-fold…

  1. Egg donation is considered tissue donation…  the donor is not donating a baby and is not the “mother” of the donor-conceived child.  She is providing a wonderful gift of her eggs in order to help the recipients achieve pregnancy and become the donor-conceived child’s parents.
  2. We do not wish for the donor to feel pressured into making a decision, requiring her to establish the recipients’ desired relationship.  We want for her to be able to take time to carefully think through whether or not a decision to establish any long-term relationship with the recipient family.

We fully support a donor’s decision should she wish to establish a long-term relationship with the recipient family.  Should this be the recipients’ wish, we will inquire which way the donor is “leaning” with regard to her feelings relating to a long-term relationship or being available should the donor-conceived child wish to contact her at the age of majority.

EDS understands that a recipient may wish to seek another agency to meet their needs if our position is not acceptable.  Our goal is for a recipient to feel that their needs are met, and we will always wish recipients great success whether they work with Egg Donor Select or a different agency.

Our desire is that your fertility journey is behind you, and that you can focus on your beautiful family!